Social Distance Yourself from Fear

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Don’t let fear-based narratives consume you.

On this Monday edition of Mission Daily, Chad is joined by producer and friend Lacey Peace. Chad is burning sage, drinking green tea, and wearing two sets of headphones. Lacey is calling in from a little steel town known by locals as “Yinzburgh.” It’s a weird one.

Here’s the breakdown:

Good News – A possible COVID-19 vaccine undergoing animal trials is showing some promise (link). Hear about that and more at 1:24.

Super Friend – Lacey is a hardened Mission employee and joins Chad on the mic for the first time in a long time. They discuss why being in fight or flight is so unhealthy for the mind and body. (Dive deeper into that topic as it relates to COVID-19 here.)

Daily Mission – This one is a tough one: Don’t consume anything fear-based today. More on social distancing yourself from fear at 8:00.

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Episode 389