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“I really want to democratize the visionary experience.”- Jennifer Dumpert

We tend to think of consciousness and the waking world in black and white terms. One minute you’re awake, and the next you’re asleep. But what if there was something in-between? A zone between consciousness and unconsciousness. A place where you can get a pure, unfiltered look at your subconscious, where you can think freely and unencumbered by the issues of the waking world.

Jennifer Dumpert, author and dream researcher, is here to help you understand this in-between space, a space she writes about in her book titled, Liminal Dreaming: Exploring Consciousness at the Edges of Sleep.

Liminal dreaming provides a great opportunity to bring back important lessons from your subconscious mind. It also offers a chance for us to tap into our pure, unfiltered creative potential. Not to be confused with lucid dreaming, liminal dreaming is a much simpler skill to learn and master. As Jennifer points out, not everyone can control a lucid dream, but everyone is a natural at liminal dreaming.

In today’s episode, Jennifer breaks down the basics of liminal dreaming. She discusses how to begin experimenting with liminal dreaming to enhance your wellbeing and how the art of liminal dreaming has impacted her own life.

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Quotes by Jennifer:

2:47 – “There is a continuity of consciousness between awake and asleep. You can really stretch it out. You can be 80% awake and 20% dreaming or the opposite.”

3:07 – “Waking and sleeping is not binary. We often think of it as on or off, one or zero.”

8:58 – “My hope is that people will go into this state [hypnagogia] and actually do things with it.”

13:23 – “The creative process is the point, not the endpoint. Creativity is the way you that you take what you learn from the subconscious into the waking world.”

29:47 – “I really want to democratize the visionary experience.”

49:31 – “Liminal dreaming is like surfing the edge of conscious and unconscious. It’s learning to surf the space where you’re both dreaming and awake at the same time and kind of surf down the middle of them.”



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