Leveraging Data in Marketing with Carrie Palin, CMO at Splunk

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“Just about every problem needs some data to solve it. We cannot manage what we cannot measure.” — Carrie Palin

What makes a great marketer? Carrie Palin, Chief Marketing Officer at Splunk, shares her experience in marketing and why she thinks every CMO needs a data scientist in their marketing department.

Prior to joining Splunk, Carrie served as CMO at SendGrid, and was the first CMO at Box. Carrie also served as the VP of Marketing for IBM’s Cloud Data Services and Analytics Software Division and spent more than 15 years at Dell in various marketing roles. 

On this episode, Carrie joins us to discuss her career experiences and the leadership lessons she has learned along the way. She also shares advice for new CMOs and what to do when you’re a leader in an organization that’s being acquired. 

Quotes from Carrie:

“I always say that my number one job is putting the right team in the field, but the right team captains matter most because as they go, so the rest of the team goes.”

“As marketers, we tend to over-rotate on creativity and we sometimes just confuse folks. It’s all about being very simple and hammering the market with a very simple message that people already have a headspace for.”

“Who you work for matters. I will never work for people who aren’t wonderful humans at their core, outside of work.”

“You don’t have to know everything at the age of 25 about what you want to be in the future — that can ebb and flow over the course of your career. But have the guts to dive in even when you’re not ready.” 

“If you’re not at least twice a week getting in the weeds on data with your team, you’re missing out. Because things are moving fast.” 


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