From Tax Shock to Money Mastery: A $90,000 Lesson in Financial Health

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Caught in the crosshairs of an unexpected $90,000 IRS bill?

Perhaps not, but our host Albert has found himself in this very predicament.

On this week’s episode of Mission Daily, Albert walks us through his taxing journey – unraveling the how’s and why’s behind this substantial debt to the IRS and his road map for repayment.

Albert and Steph delve into the realm of finance, revealing the influencers who’ve shaped their financial outlook and the investment strategies they are championing. Plus, they discuss the delicate balance between saving for your future while allowing yourself the freedom to have momentarily “splurges” in the present.

We’d love to hear your financial stories and strategies, from navigating sudden financial shocks to balancing life’s joys with savvy savings. Share your insights with our community by reaching out to us at info@mission.org.



Episode 485