Does your parenting style reflect how you run your business?

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This week, Steph and Albert tackle a listener question asking why Mission Daily talks so much about parenting when it is primarily a business-oriented podcast. The conversation quickly shifts to how parenting styles can reflect how someone runs a business, especially when it comes to team building. They also talk about how different parenting styles can affect children and their development, with deeper looks into Albert’s tough-love approach compared to Steph’s more tailored ways of meeting her children’s needs. 

Fret not, business content enthusiasts, it all ties back to the show’s core values, as this discussion re-centers on the importance of investing in yourself, building in-demand skillsets, having a growth mindset, and building relationships.

Another episode, another divisive discussion. Let us know your thoughts at info@mission.org to share your thoughts with our team. 


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Episode 470