Digital Transformation in the NGO Sector; Part Two

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On today’s episode, we continue our two-part philanthropy series. Ian is joined by a few new guests to continue diving into the topic of digital transformation in the NGO sector. As Lise af Ekenstam, Program Manager of Technology for Social Good Initiative at Avanade, points out, the constraints that nonprofits are faced with are critical and digital transformation is more important now than ever.

“Given the fact that, more often than not, nonprofits and their stakeholders see digital transformation as a luxury that they can potentially not afford, they are facing many challenges from slowing donations, to fewer resources, to fewer volunteers,” Lise says. ”We also know that nonprofits are sitting on mountains of data that they are struggling to unpack and to drive insights from. But while these are challenges, I think they are exactly why nonprofits need to invest in digital transformation.” 

Our roundtable guests (listed below) join us to address the challenges of stakeholders adopting and funding digital transformation, opportunities to use AI and machine learning to solve bigger impact issues, and the solutions they are working toward together to bring innovation to the entire NGO industry. 

Our roundtable guests include…

  • Lauren Woodman, Chief Executive Officer of NetHope
  • Rachel Hutchisson, Vice President for Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy at Blackbaud
  • Lise af Ekenstam, Executive, Program Manager of Technology for Social Good Initiative and European Marketing Lead at Avanade

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Episode 326