Cultivating Positive Outlooks in Business and in Life with Greg Peters, CEO of Zilliant

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Our guest today is Greg Peters, CEO of Zilliant, an AI-based SaaS application that uses machine learning and predictive analytics techniques to maximize B2B sales. At its core, the company is a solution-focused one, combining data, and data science to come up with answers that salespeople can easily digest.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Learn more about Zilliant, what they do, and what Greg’s role as CEO entails.
  • Find out about Greg’s background and his journey to becoming Zilliant’s CEO.
  • Some of the lessons that Greg learned from his youth as a sportsperson.
  • The importance of cultivating an attitude of lifelong learning and pursuing your passions.
  • What Greg gained from his role as CEO of Vignette and leading them through their IPO.
  • Greg’s advice on how to foster long-term term business relationships and finding investors.
  • Insights into building culture, the Zilliant social contract, and they are put to practice in the company.
  • Learn more about Greg’s proudest moments early on in his time at the company.
  • Find out more about the difficult decision Zilliant made to transition from on-prem to SaaS.
  • How Zilliant approach giving CEOs of companies’ advice and some of the downfalls.
  • Greg’s work-life balance, how he self-educates, and who he draws inspiration from.
  • The positive outcomes that Greg anticipates happening from the COVID crisis.
  • Pursue your passions and navigate the world: Greg’s advice to younger generations.
  • Find out what Greg sees for Zilliant’s future and why he feels excited about it.
  • Always work in pursuit of finding the truth to uncover solutions: Greg’s final words!


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Episode 384