Are financial influencers more important than credit reporting agencies?

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For as long as we can recall, the business world has allowed credit rating agencies to have the final say on a company’s worthiness. Even if the system seemed arbitrary at its best (and corrupt at its worst), there was still tremendous value in earning a AAA rating. Likewise, there was tremendous fear of seeing your rating drop to the dreaded “junk” status, especially when it comes to a company’s stock price. 

In this episode, after a week that saw our company’s own bank struggle mightily, Steph and Albert take a deep dive into the changing world of corporate financing. They discuss how increased access to information may benefit financial influencers, and could spell the end of ratings agencies holding all the cards when it comes to determining company value. 

It’s a divisive topic, for sure. So let us know your thoughts! Drop us an email at info@mission.org to share your own perspectives on this discussion.


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