Paul Stoddart, CMO of Epicor, Emphasizes Developing Meaningful Relationships with Peers and Consumers alike as the Key to Maximizing Effectiveness in Marketing

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Coming into a new marketing role during a critical re-branding phase of a company’s life is no small task to take on. There are challenges with developing new working relationships, and most importantly, trust, in order to create a smooth and successful evolution for the business.

“I’m naturally curious. I like to seek to understand; I’m naturally very curious. Want to delve into the details on some things and, as soon as you get to a confidence level and you’re like, okay, that’s either great or yeah, that might be something we want to revisit. Honestly I think some people feel like that’s a little bit micromanage-y.”

This is what makes Paul Stoddart successful in his role as CMO of Epicor, an Enterprise Resource Planning company.  and while he’s a relatively new leader at Epicor, he’s done a lot for the brand already. Paul told us all about it on this episode of Marketing Trends and his impact starts with the fact that his foundation is built on the idea that you should always start with the customer no matter what it takes. And even though at first blush he admits he may come across as a bit of a micromanager, Paul’s ultimate goal is to understand the way things are done in order to find efficiency in the processes and ultimately build deep trust and foster teamwork with his colleagues. We’ll dive into exactly what that looks like, and all the cool ways the Epicor marketing team is standing out from the competition right here, so sit back and enjoy this episode!

Main Takeaways:

  • The Essential Of Great Marketing: Understanding people’s needs is the first step in successful marketing. Another piece of the equation requires building great relationships. As a marketer, you want two key ingredients, first a great product to bring to market, and second, great people to work with. A key component to the latter is to be supportive of your colleagues and not too competitive.
  • Brand Authenticity and Importance of Simplicity: The key to staying true to your brand, especially during a brand-refresh, is understanding what people are saying about you. You can then make honest decisions about the changes that you want to move forward with based on those perspectives. The awards for doing good work come, but the work should speak for itself. When you reduce something down and make it simpler, you make it better.
  • Characteristics of Great Leadership: There are many ideas and ideals that make for a company with great leadership. Leadership comes from all levels in an organization. Management together is better than alone, and collaboration across all levels of the organization leads to the greatest sense of community, as well as the best possible end product. When it comes to the guiding principles of what that leadership looks like, there are many. A sense of ownership, as well as a deep level of curiosity, are two traits that make for great leaders.

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