How To Blend Old-School Methods and New School Technology

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Going to the dentist is nothing more than a chore for most people, which makes being a marketer in the dental industry a bit difficult. Jonathan Kaufman is the Senior Vice President and CMO of Sage Dental, and on this episode of Marketing Trends, he breaks down how he approaches this challenge. Jon explains some of the things that work and some of the surprising successes he’s seen. Plus, he digs into the tools and technology like AI that has helped elevate the work he and his team does.  


Tune in to learn:

  • What is Sage Dental? (2:45)
  • The evolution of dental marketing (8:00)
  • Managing the stages of growth (14:30)
  • The tools and technology that helps deliver for customers (21:30)
  • Establishing relationships with your leadership team (24:20)
  • Implementing AI in your approach (29:25)


About the Guest:

“As Chief Marketing Officer at Sage Dental, Jonathan Kaufman actively guides the mission and vision of the rapidly growing dental support organization (DSO). Over the past 15 years, he has worked in a variety of industries, always with an emphasis on adopting cutting-edge technology to bring the best solutions to his company’s target market. At Sage Dental, he has fostered AI integration across the patient care journey at each practice. He prioritizes effectively leveraging his companies’ technological edge in marketing initiatives focused on forward-looking goals, positive brand messaging and innovative personas.”

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Episode 406