How Lemlist Grew to $10 Million in ARR Without a Dime of Funding with Vuk Vukosavljevic, Head of Growth, Lemlist

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Marketing Trends Background


“The goal of a cold email is to start the conversation, not to sell.”

Key Insights

Document Your Journey (6:28)

Everyone company has an interesting story to tell. Fascinating wins and gut wrenching defeats. Don’t be afraid to share it all. People will appreciate watching your journey, and by doing so it can turn your LinkedIn into a lead magnet.

BUT don’t post just to post. Make sure you are adding value to your audience.

 “Create from truth.”

Should You Have Specialists or Generalist on Your Team? (10:44)

When starting out, a company can benefit from having generalists. Someone who can run social media, and jump on to write a blog article. Just remember, the saying is, “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

Anything a generalist can do won’t be perfect. As soon as you can, you want to make a shift to specialists – and let them focus on what they do best. A social media manager should stay on social media, and a strong copywriter can stick to the blogs.

This allows them to continue to sharpen their skills, and makes sure you are getting the best results possible. 

Transitioning to a Leader is Difficult (13:39)

When a company grows, you will have to make a decision. Do you want to stay in the weeds on projects, or do you want to advance and become a leader as well?

It can be a difficult mindshift to let go and not do it all yourself. At the same time, you can’t be the boss who sits back and does nothing while a team does all the work.

Don’t be afraid to pick a project or two you are really passionate about and get your hands dirty.

Take Time for Post Mortem Analysis (22:09)

When projects happen, it’s good to analyze how things went as a group. Don’t make it personal. Look at what happened objectively, good and bad so the entire team can learn from it. 

We all learn best through real world experiences – so make it a safe place to learn or your team will be afraid to really take chances.

About the Guest:

Vuk is a marketing practitioner who works as Head of Growth at lemlist, a cold email and sales automation tool that helps you personalize outbound campaigns. Vuk was lemlist’s first employee helping the company reach $8M ARR, without raising capital. He has over six years of experience in the startup and agency world.

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