Gaining Insights Ethically With Kumar Doshi, the SVP of Marketing at Cint

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Marketing Trends Background

“Our goal is to understand the opinions and thoughts of people and enable companies to be able to do the same so that they can make better decisions for their business.”


Businesses and organizations aim to gain insights. The challenge is in attaining them productively and ethically. Kumar Doshi, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Cint, describes that the company maintains an ethical practice concerning obtaining first-party data because it is gleaned from surveys where participants opt in to provide their information. Kumar also talks about the lessons he’s learned by going through acquisitions and explains how Lucid, the previous company he worked for, has recently been acquired by Cint.

Key Insights


How To Make the Best of an Acquisition: Keep an Open Mind 

A lot of people may think they know what to expect during a business acquisition, but the truth is that you can never really know exactly how the process will play out. The best thing you can do, according to Kumar, is keep an open mind. 

It’s super important to be open-minded about the integration [and] to go into it… just with an open mind. Because I think too often, what we walk into integrations with is very closed-minded positions and I would suggest taking the opposite approach.” 

What’s the Future of Data Collection? 

Kumar thinks there will still be use for second and third-party data in addition to first-party data for quite some time. 

“How we’ll actually think about data [is] difficult to predict, but I can say with confidence – or at least my feeling is – over the next ten to fifteen years, there’ll be more than just first-party data.” 

Is Content Marketing Making a Comeback? 

Kumar anticipates that “there’s going to be a rebirth of content marketing and the role of it.” As Kumar’s team works to prepare for where marketing is heading, they’re readying themselves for more of what he describes as “the content ad or the content play.”


A dynamic marketing and technology executive with 18 years experience building revenue generating businesses. Kumar has a passion and innovative mind for marketing and monetizing ideas into solutions and businesses. He has expertise in strategy, marketing and product development. Kumar also has a knack for building, nurturing and leading teams to reach beyond their known potential.”


Episode 319