Upskilling Through Innovation with Barnaby Dorfman, CTO of Go1

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“We’re trying to close the gap from where the industry is today to that place where it really is something that both meets peoples’ needs and addresses the skills gap and other massive changes in the marketplace.”


In today’s world, knowledge is at our fingertips – you’re always only seconds away from learning how to bake a banana flambé or craft your own standing desk. But even with all this access, it can be hard to find the right learning avenue – and that is especially true for professional skills. That’s where Barnaby Dorfman of Go1 comes in. Go1 is a platform that brings courses for professional development, wellbeing, and compliance to employees everywhere. The way we train our workforce is changing and Go1 is hoping to help close the education gap. 

Key Insights


Why is it so important to quickly adapt? 

Over the past two years, we have learned a lot about how we work as a society – and a lot about how society works. We know now that even decades-old systems can change on a dime. And those that don’t will not survive. If you want to be an innovator, you have to be able to think on your feet. 

“I don’t think any of us believe that we’re going to stop using Zoom… all the return to work articles are about how the workplace is going to be transformed into collaboration spaces… I think this fundamental concept of learning becoming something that happens online potentially in a distributed way is here to stay.” 

Everyone needs to Upskill 

More than ever, workers are required to stay up to date in their personal education throughout their careers. Some of the hard skills and tools you learned at university five, 10, or 20 years ago might be completely obsolete and you need to know how to use the latest version of the industry-standard software. Or maybe it’s time to develop your soft skills on leadership and organization as you look to advance in your career. Either way, Go1 has what you need. 

“Content that lawyers would have produced in the oil and gas industry is literally being automated out of data. What’s left is the kind of things that really require human intellect and creativity. But how much you match up tasks with the right human and then how you enable that human to do that work is an increasing challenge. I think that’s at the crux of where so much of the opportunity for learning to help lives.”

About the Guest:

Barnaby Dorfman is the CTO of Go1 – a platform for professional development, wellbeing, and compliance courses. He is an internet entrepreneur with decades of experience managing technology teams that build applications that have been used by hundreds of millions of people and generated billions of dollars in revenues.

He was an executive at Payscale.com for eight years, leading Product, Engineering, IT, Data Science, and Analyst teams through major growth. He was also part of the deal team for two successful investment transactions with leading Private Equity firms Warburg Pincus and Francisco Partners.

During his seven years at Amazon.com, he architected early versions of the Amazon Marketplace, developed IMDbPro.com as part of the Internet Movie Database, and invented search technologies used throughout the world today.

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