The Vital Role of High-Tech in Healthcare

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The primary goal of cybersecurity is human safety. Even if high-tech isn’t typically equated with healthcare, Cindi Carter, Global CISO of Check Point Software Technologies, explains why it should be.  

Tune in to learn:

  • Why high-tech is imperative for healthcare (3:37)
  • The vulnerability of medical records (08:40)
  • Healthcare cybersecurity predictions for 2023-24 (30:27)
  • The “human factor” of cybersecurity (37:00)


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About the Guest:

BIO: My purpose is deeply rooted in human safety, to inspire a safe and secure cyber existence by bringing together the people, processes, and technologies to protect the security and privacy of each individual.

Global, multi-industry Cyber Security and Information Technology Executive offering Startup and Enterprise Security leadership. Expertise includes building Security practices in highly regulated industries, turning strategic goals into actionable outcomes, influencing a Culture based on “Secure from the Start”, developing secure architecture & engineering capabilities, and highly collaborative engagement (C-Suite, Board, Clients and Industry).

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Episode 446