‘Monetize Your Knowledge’ with Mahesh Guruswamy, CTO, Kajabi

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Starting a new creative endeavor can often seem like a major gamble, but what if there existed a tool that helped creators minimize their entrepreneurial risk? Mahesh Guruswamy is the CTO of Kajabi, a multifaceted online business platform designed to help entrepreneurs, experts and influencers succeed. Tune in to learn the approach to innovation at the company, and how Mahesh and his engineering team have effectively scaled the platform during a time of major growth.

Tune in to learn:

  • About Kajabi and what makes it special (02:30)
  • Kajabi’s various product domains (08:20)
  • The Kajabi playbook of scale, speed and reliability (21:55)
  • How Kajabi decides which new features to bet on (32:05)


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About the Guest:

BIO: Engineering leader, builder of product development teams, angel investor.”

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Episode 428