It’s Time To Get Serious About Improving Healthcare Technology

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Healthcare technology has frequently been lambasted as being behind the times. The reason is because hospitals and healthcare providers are operating on lagging networks and with outdated technology. Derek Grimes, the SVP of Operations at Frontage Clinical Services explains what it will take to get our healthcare systems to work better for all patients, and he gives us some insights into the ways technology is currently being used to improve our experiences. 

Tune in to learn:

  • Understanding the need for CROs (2:45)
  • The technological landscape needed to operate clinical trials (5:10)
  • How are healthcare systems improving? (12:15)
  • What is stopping us from demanding more from healthcare providers? (18:30)
  • Solving the Interoperability problem in healthcare (30:00)
  • Advice for practitioners on where to modernize right now (37:45)

About the Guest:

Derek Grimes is a clinical and IT operations executive with 20 + years of management experience and consistent success in achieving revenue, cost, productivity and delivery goals in a clinical setting. Able to guide and lead highly skilled, cross-functional clinical teams in design, development and launch of complex clinical projects. Effective analyst, problem solver and communicator.

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Episode 456