Disrupting the Energy Game with Kiran Bhatraju, CEO of Arcadia

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“The customer is getting more options in the home of how energy is getting used… we operate in the middle to help customers make those choices in the markets where it’s available to get cleaner energy.” 


Not many people ask about where their energy comes from. We want it to be clean, but what does that really mean? For decades, no one has really had a choice – but Kiran Bhatraju, CEO of Arcadia – the first nationwide digital utility – is changing all of that. Our modern society will continue to drive us to find better options to fuel our tech-savvy and on-the-go lifestyles. Changing the behemoth known as “the grid” is paramount to our success in the future. 

Key Insights


How Does Data Lead to Cleaner Energy? 

We can use data to fight climate change if we know where to look. 

“The utility of the future is a data business because what you are managing is intermittent power generation… one of the core insights was if we are going to rapidly decarbonize, someone has to be the data lake in between all of that. How are you using energy in your home? What products and devices are in the home that can respond to different energy prices? What’s going on in the grid?” 

The Future Relies on New Energy 

We have the tech we need to get off of fossil fuels, but it will take some finesseing to move over to a system that can sustain that shift. 

“We have to get off fossil fuels, so we have to get off carbon-emitting power generation fuels – and we have the technology to do that. We just need to deploy it.

About the Guest:

Kiran Bhatraju is an entrepreneur and environmentalist from eastern Kentucky coal country. He is currently CEO of Arcadia, the nation’s first digital utility focused on renewable and efficient home energy options for customers in all 50 states. He also serves on the board of AppHarvest, building North America’s largest controlled-environment agriculture facilities growing pesticide-free produce.

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