A Cooperative and Distributive Model Leads to Growth With Hemant Elhence, President of Excellarate

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“I used to make an effort in the early years to convince my CTOs why it would work well to have a team sitting in India 10 and a half hour time zones behind the US central time and all that. Now, that discussion is not even needed — never comes up.”


When the world catches up to a business model that’s already been working well, then a company can really take off. Hemant Elhence, the President of Excellarate, describes how a cooperative, distributed software development model rooted in the company’s origins has positioned Excellerate to thrive in the cloud environment. Furthermore, he explains how society has now caught up with the concept of remote work. Hemant also chats about a few books that have really meant a great deal to him.

Key Insights


Why Might Customers Use a Third-party Company To Help Build Software?  (02:26)

Hemant explains several reasons why companies choose to work with Ecxellarate to help them build software. The first reason Hemanant describes accordingly: “We help them accelerate their product roadmap of features for their customer.” He sees the second reason pertaining to the specific talent Excellarate can provide. And, for him, the third reason is because working with Excellarate is cost effective.   

What Are Some of The Major Changes Hemant’s Seen in Software Development in the Last twenty Years? (16:19)

Hemant points to agile software development, cloud adoption, and then the acceptance of remote work as the major shifts he’s noted. These changes have served Excellarate well. How are these changes shaping your company? Is your company in position to flourish in the current climate?

What Does Hemant See as the Future of Software Development? (27:27)

“So what keeps happening in this industry…  is the compute power with  newer [and] newer chips keeps getting better and better [and] storage keeps getting cheaper and cheaper. So the functionality in the form delivered using high-powered mechanisms like AI and machine learning and imaging and computer vision and all that keeps consuming this additional horsepower of the CPU and the storage capacity that is becoming cheaper and cheaper. And the beneficiary are us consumers whose life gets easier and easier. 

About the Guest:

BiO: Proven leader with successful track record of identifying new market opportunities and building businesses to realize those opportunities. Equally adept at strategic and operating aspects of business. Extensive experience in high-tech industry, including software products and services and semiconductor. Strong record of people leadership. BSEE from IIT Delhi, MSEE from Univ Of Massachusetts, MBA from The University Of Chicago Booth School of Business.”

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Episode 379