Viewing the Pandemic Through a Sci-Fi Lens with A.G. Riddle

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Science fiction is more than a tool of entertainment. Sci-fi stories hold the power to help us imagine solutions to critical problems. In some cases, sci-fi can even act as a guidebook to help us find our way out of near-term problems facing humanity. 

And that’s why, in today’s episode, Chad sits down with one of the most successful self-published science fiction authors in the world, A.G. ‘Gerry’ Riddle. 

Chad and Gerry discuss COVID-19, culture, science fiction’s role in solving BIG problems, and how to think about the data and models being used to discuss the pandemic. Plus, Gerry shares what he learned from creating his book Pandemic that might be applicable to the teams and people looking for a better way to think about the current crisis… and how to prepare for the next one. 


Episode 11