Entering the Data Age with Doug Merritt

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Data can solve some of the world’s largest problems. It can connect societies at every corner of the globe, while also helping humanity become more agile and resilient. It enables innovation, empowers individuals, and helps us live in better harmony with nature. 

Data has the potential to propel society into a better and brighter future… but that fuel can also be used to power the ambitions of those with not-so-great intentions.  That’s why having the guiding hand of principles is critical as we make our way into the Age of Data.

Today, to cover these principles and get a behind the scenes look at the industry, we’re interviewing Doug Merritt, the CEO of Splunk. Doug has been the CEO of Splunk for more than six years, and during that time, he’s curated a unique perspective on leadership, the potential of data, and technology’s role in the future. 

A company known primarily for its software developed to collect and index data for applications within IT, security and DevOps , Splunk argues that’s not where data uses should stop, but simply where they begin.

In this interview, Doug talks about that vision, shares the four principles of data leadership (transparency, diversity, collaboration, and courage), and discusses storytelling and its role in technology. Plus, he explains why we are beginning to enter the Age of Data.

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