Deep Learning is Eating The World with Lukas Biewald

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A.I. and machine learning are poised to change the world. And as an arms race quickly develops across the private sector to acquire as much technology as possible, what is the next step of evolution for these tools? How can they help push business, science, and humanity forward?

Lukas Biewald is the co-founder and CEO of Weights and Biases, a company that is turning deep learning research projects into deployed software. Lukas and his team are at the cutting edge of machine learning, and are helping to build out tools that are changing the world of atoms just as much as they are changing the world of bits.

But what is the next step in the evolutionary ladder? And where is machine learning heading? Lukas joins Chad for a detailed discussion on his background, the groundbreaking work he and his team are doing at Weights and Biases, and how their software is changing reality.


Episode 38