#1 Brandon Kirk: The Secret To Mastering Customer Experience in Your Business

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Join us as we dive into the world of data-driven results and customer experience with Brandon Kirk of Rogers Sports & Media. We explore how data shapes advertising and in turn enhances the customer experience.

In this episode, Lauren sits down with Brandon Kirk, Vice President of Client Solutions at Rogers Sports & Media. Brandon is a sales executive with over 15 years of experience in companies such as CanWest, Time Inc., and Sports Illustrated.

We kick things off by stressing on the importance of time and data in determining business results. We discuss Rogers Sports and Media’s move to content-rich partnerships to improve customer experience. We discover how Rogers leverages a large volume of data, from wireless data to set-top boxes, crafting unique advertising segments that hit right on target.

The conversation flows into customer experience. Brandon breaks down the media landscape and the crucial role of feedback in driving excellence. We finish up by discussing the impact of tools like Salesforce and the influence of AI on predicting customer behaviors.


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(00:00) Preview and Introduction

(02:28) Rogers Sports’ Influence in Canada

(05:42) New Age of Advertising & Customer Engagement

(08:33) Modern Metric Measurement Strategies & Tools

(15:06) Leveraging Data Driven Insights for Growth

(22:51) Harnessing Tech: Salesforce, AI, and Predictive Engagements

(25:52) The Role of Collaboration in Customer Experience

(31:25) Future of Media: Streaming & The Rogers-Disney Collaboration

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