27 New Report Reveals Trends and Challenges for the Industry

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On this episode, Rekha Srivatsan, VP of Product Marketing at Salesforce Service Cloud, discusses the findings of the sixth edition of the Salesforce State of Service report. The report dives into some of the biggest trends in the customer success industry, including the increasing demand for personalized and fast service, challenges of implementing self-service while maintaining customer trust, and the use of AI and data and why it’s crucial in meeting customer expectations and improving customer experience.

Tune in to learn:

  • How service organizations are moving from cost centers to revenue generators by meeting the increasing demand for personalized and fast service.
  • Why AI and data play a crucial role in improving customer experience and meeting customer expectations.
  • Why implementing self-service requires a balance between providing convenience to customers and maintaining their trust.
  • How to create a unified view for agents and why the use of technology can enhance customer service and improve productivity. 
  • The ways AI should be used to augment, not replace, agents in customer service.
  • Why to consider customer sentiment and the complexity of the issue when determining whether to use AI or human support.
  • How to build trust with customers and why it is crucial for a positive customer experience.

About the Guest:

“Rekha is the VP of Product Marketing for Salesforce Service Cloud, leading product marketing for all Service Cloud solutions and driving Salesforce’s overall success in transforming the customer support industry. Rekha has spent her career building and growing products that help companies connect with their customers — from small businesses to enterprise organizations.”

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