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The Power of Your Words and Non-Judgment

Episode 220
Your words hold immense influence over yourself and others. Chad and Stephanie discuss the power your words carry and how you can begin to practice non-judgment and start living a gossip-free life.

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Your words hold immense influence over yourself and others. In this episode, Chad and Stephanie discuss the power your words carry and how you can begin to practice non-judgment and start living a gossip-free life.

Another week, another theme! This time we’re talking all about relationships and how you should be interacting with your friends, family, acquaintances, and enemies. We’re using Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements as a guide, so be sure to check it out. It’s a light read and will revolutionize how you interact with others.

If you like what you’re hearing (and we really hope you do) drop us a line on Twitter (@themissionhq). Maybe tell us what you’ve learned from The Four Agreements and how you use it in your day-to-day life. We’re always open to new ideas and would love to hear your interpretation of the book!

Show Notes

[3:00] The First Agreement: Be Impeccable With Your Word

  • “Your word is one of the most powerful things you have in your life. Everything that exists in your life now was a result of things that you spoke into the world.”
  • You need to start being more cognizant of your words. As Chad points out, what you say holds immense power and sway over your life and the life of everyone around you.

[6:10] Sabrina The Teenage Witch As A Thought Experiment

  • Stephanie makes a good example. In Sabrina The Teenage Witch (the early 2000’s version, not the newer, darker version), Sabrina’s words have a direct impact on the people around her in the form of spells.
  • Even though you may not be a witch, start treating your words as being just as powerful as one of Sabrina’s spells. Both have the potential to cause a lot of chaos if tossed around carelessly.
  • Side note: If you haven’t already, check out Chilling Tales of Sabrina on Netflix.

[7:40] The Poisonous Nature of Gossip

  • Gossip is one of the biggest threats to the impeccability of your word. As humans, we are programmed to gossip. It’s in our nature. Learn to spot it when it happens and either distance yourself from the person spreading it or stop yourself before you give in to the peer pressure of joining in.

[10:00] How to practice being mindful of your word

  • Start watching what you say. Better yet, find a partner who can monitor what you say and point out when you’re not being impeccable with your word.
  • Monitor what other people say to see if this is someone who chooses what they say carefully, or if they just carelessly run their mouths.
  • Cut gossipers out of your life. They’re always going to try to drag you down to their level.
  • In summation; practice makes perfect. Mindfulness doesn’t come naturally to anyone, and that’s okay. Just try to do a little bit better every day and, before you know it, it will become second nature to you.

[14:00] The Second Agreement; Don’t Take Anything Personally

“Nobody has as much context as you. It’s very important that you position yourself as the final arbiter. No one can assign sin to you, except for you.”

  • That goes for the positive stuff as well as the negative. Be your own critic and motivator, don’t let other people take that power and ability away from you.

[17:50] Notice What Triggers You And Then Judge It

  • When you feel triggered and offended, don’t feel bad about reacting to it. But, figure out what’s causing it, take a walk, and find the root of the issue. Why does it cause you to be upset? By analyzing these things, it will gradually lose it’s effect on you and you’ll learn more about yourself along the way.

[19:20] Don’t Take Compliments Personally

  • Your motivation shouldn’t come from external validation. You need to become your own cheerleader and motivator. When you cede control over your motivation to other people and their positivity becomes negativity, it can have a devastating effect on your wellbeing.

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