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Season 01 / Episode 22

Reinventing Yourself with A.G. Riddle

If you’re willing to be honest with yourself about what your strengths and weaknesses are, you can find the career that will truly inspire you and propel you to success. That might mean leaving behind expectations you’ve put on yourself or those that come from other people, but it will lead to more fulfillment in the end.

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Jerry Riddle (Website, Twitter) grew up in an entrepreneurial environment. His grandpa was an entrepreneur. His dad was an entrepreneur. So when he found himself in college during the dot com boom, the way forward seemed clear. He started an internet business. Despite initial success, Jerry found himself unfulfilled.

“I think the first 10 years of your professional life, I think should be about self-discovery. And that if you’re willing to be honest with yourself about what your strengths and weaknesses are, I think it’s that’s the wind at your back. I mean, you are able to kind of zero in on what you ought to be doing, what you can do best.”

By being brutally honest with himself, Jerry was able to ascertain his true strengths and weaknesses. From there, reinvented himself as a science-fiction writer. This path has not only led to further success, but to true fulfillment.

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