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Mental Models to Help You Capitalize on Opportunities

Episode 304
Mental models are necessary for success. Chad and Stephanie share mental models that have led them to personal and business success.

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On today’s episode, Chad and Stephanie share two mental models for capitalizing on opportunities in your life. These two models are just the start of a ten model series we shared in our newsletter last week. Catch all ten here.

1. You won’t have the ideas, the ideas will have you.

The right ideas will attach themselves to and around you, and they’ll be impossible to shake off.

“I did not have the certainty. The certainty had me.” –Carl Jung

You might not be able to see where the ideas are leading, but you’ll feel pulled. You’re like the captain of a fishing ship who knows something BIG is in the nets. Sometimes the catch seems so big that you’re afraid to look in the nets, or pull them up. You’ll try not to think about the catch as you go throughout your day, but you won’t be able to help it. When certainty or an idea has you, you’ll know you’re onto something big.

2. People will admire you and they will show it through imitation

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” as the saying goes. This is one of the hallmarks of a great idea, meme, or a novel concept. When you notice something new you’re doing is being mimicked by others, it’s a very sticky meme. You potentially are at the wellspring.

Passive, submissive imitation does exist, but hatred of conformity and extreme individualism are no less imitative. Today, they constitute a negative conformism that is more formidable than the positive version. More and more, it seems to me, modern individualism assumes the form of a desperate denial of the fact that, through mimetic desire, each of us seeks to impose his will upon his fellow man, whom he professes to love but more often despises.” ―René Girard

If you are onto the right idea, people will imitate your ideas. This type of momentum will only help to propel you forward so long as you stay focused and keep building on your idea, or business.

Stay tuned for this week’s episodes with guests who demonstrate mental models that have led them to success.

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