Machine Learning, Start-up Mentality, and GDPR

Episode 18

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On this episode of IT Visionaries, Ian sits down with Sophia Cui, CTO of Jobscan. Together, they talk about start-up mentality, how to attract the best and brightest talent and how GDPR is influencing the future of cybersecurity.\

Finding talent is not a numbers game. It’s about connecting with the right people with a high ratio of being qualified. – Sophia Cui

Show Notes

2:28 – Sophia’s Background And How She Got Involved With Jobscan

4:30 – Start Up Mentality vs Large Company

7:15 – Where To Find Usable, Publicly Available Data

12:00 – How Jobscan Uses PII And How GDPR Is Influencing The Future Of Cybersecurity

16:20 – Where To Find Technical Talent

19:00 – How To Attract The Best And Brightest Talent

21:00 – Sophia’s Advice For Today’s CTOs

24:20 – The Lightning Round

The Lightning Platform
Job Scan
Pokemon GO
The Five Flavors of Being a CTO
Paul Graham
The Anaheim Angels
The Better Angels of Our Nature

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Sophia Cui is Chief Technological Officer of Jobscan. Sophia shares her thoughts on start-up mentality, how to attract the best talent and how GDPR is influencing the future of cybersecurity.

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