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Living In A State Of Play with Alex Weber

Episode 283
For comedian Alex Weber, humor is not just for fun; it’s the biggest key to success in business and in life.

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In the words of artist and graphic designer Paula Scher: “If you’re not in a state of play, you can’t make anything.” As creatives, the moment we take our work too seriously and lose our sense of play is the moment we hit artist’s block.

The world is your playground; emotions are the jungle gym, relationships the merry-go-round, your career the swings… and humor is the cushy rubber under it all.

Comedian Alex Weber is a big believer in humor and its power to transform lives. From participating in American Ninja Warrior to speaking at TEDx to being an award-winning TV host, no matter the project, Alex always incorporates humor and humility.

“Humor is just an express route to being very honest about where we are, where we want to go, and how we’re gonna get there.”

From a young age, Alex understood the power of comedy and he used it as a way to overcome struggles, take on bigger challenges, and express himself. For Alex, humor is “an effective means for success;” one that keeps you from taking yourself or your work too seriously.

In today’s episode, Chad and Alex discuss the importance of humor in our daily lives, why being unafraid of failure is key to achieving greatness, and what healthy competition has taught Alex about life.

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Quotes by Alex:

4:03 – “Rather than viewing [humor] like this garnish that’s nice to have but not a need to have, that humor is actually an effective means for success.”

7:48 – “For humor, whatever you are going through is like an express route to what’s funny.”

8:29 – “Whatever it is that you are going through right now, humor is just a lens of viewing it.”

8:43 – “[Humor] takes the air out of struggle’s power a little bit. Like if we can joke about it then it’s not so mighty.”

10:56 – “Everything in this world is learnable and usually the biggest variable is us enduring sucking.”

15:25 – “Humor is just an express route to being very honest about where we are, where we want to go, and how we’re gonna get there.”


Humor: Serious Business

Theo Von

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