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How OOH Audio is Creating a Memorable In-Store Experience with Vibenomics CSO, Paul Brenner

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Marketers are always looking for ways to get their message across to consumers. Whether that’s trying to get them to stop scrolling long enough to watch an ad, or grab their attention quick-enough to prevent them from changing the channel, marketers are waging a never-ending war to get noticed. But instead of racing to get consumers to your web page, why not just target them when they are already in your store?

“All the other digital investments, you’re just trying to get people to leave their house, or get out of their car, or leave the gym and go to the place to buy your product. We’re talking to the people that are standing in the very place where they can buy your product.”

Paul Brenner is a broadcasting savant, with a quarter-century of experience in the radio and television industry. He’s watched from the front row how marketers have shifted their advertising spend from traditional broadcast inventory to digital platforms. Now, as the Chief Strategy Officer at Vibenomics, he’s helping those same marketers create a memorable in-store experience through out of home audio. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Paul describes why the audio you hear in-store is an often overlooked opportunity to grow product conversions. Plus, he explains why ecommerce is not the death of brick and mortar stores.

Main Takeaways

  • The Rise of Digital: While consumers are moving their shopping habits to online platforms, those purchases still only make up for 7% of total items sold. This means marketers still need to place an emphasis on providing a memorable in-store customer experience.
  • OOH Audio as an Asset: Advertisements are meant to make consumers think about a product and then take action. But getting someone to take those next steps is challenging. OOH audio allows for marketers to subtly remind consumers what they may have missed while they are already in your store.
  • Trusted Source: With the move from third-party cookies, marketers must adjust the metrics they use to make their decisions when it comes to how they spend their ad dollars. This means that marketers will need to have more faith in the numbers that media partners report to them when making their ad-buying decisions.

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Episode 226