Advanced Analytics, Logistics, and Instigating Change

Episode 22

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Juan Perez is the Chief Information and Engineering Officer of UPS. Juan has been a driving force in UPS’s evolution into advanced analytics, and in this conversation, he shares how UPS is optimizing delivery routes to improve service and efficiencies.

Today, more than ever before, we are dependent on creativity and innovation to advance many ideas forward.”- Juan Perez

Show Notes

3:10 – The Scale of Juan’s Responsibilities

5:04 – The Origins of UPS’ Orion System

11:35 – The Lessons Juan Has Learned At UPS

16:55 – How to Frame and Solve Large Problems

20:25 – Stimulating Change in a Large Company

31:00 – The Logistics and Tech UPS Uses to Track Drivers and Packages

40:25 – Juan’s Advice for a First Time CIO


The Lightning Platform
The MLB App
Microsoft Outlook
L.A. Dodgers
UPS Orion

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Juan Perez of UPS shares his thoughts on optimizing delivery routes to improve service, advanced analytics, and advice for first time CIOs.

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