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Welcome to Find Your Mission. This podcast will bring you into the lives of United States veterans and guide you along on their journey from private citizen, to soldier, to entrepreneur.

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Go Where You’re Called with Joseph Zoleta

When one day changed the world, Joseph Zoleta felt a call he couldn’t ignore. In the Marines, Joe learned to adapt and overcome. It was a mindset he took with him after he left the service and eventually answered a new call with Black 6 Coffee Trading Co.

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Finding the Right Fit with Mike Slagh

When Mike Slagh separated from the service, he had to find a job in areas he didn’t have experience. This was a common problem among veterans moving out of the military and into civilian life. So Mike started Shift, a hiring pipeline for vets that offers career advice, fellowship opportunities and more.

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The World is a Boxing Ring with Mike Steadman

Mike Steadman, founder of IRONBOUND Boxing, has always found a home through boxing. After serving in the Marines and learning how to become a leader, Mike took his ambition and skills to Newark, NJ, to try to have an impact somewhere new doing what he loved. Hear the whole story here.

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Building Relationships to Create an Impact with Ann Holder

After a career in the military learning how to solve big problems with little help, Ann Holder entered the corporate world and encountered all new problems that needed to be solved. Listen here to how she became CEO of Odonata Health and found her new mission to improve maternal and fetal healthcare.

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