Where and How Telcos Like Lumen are Meeting Customers’ Needs

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A lot of times we we think we need to solve everything under the sun for an experience online when the customers really only need XYZ to accomplish their task.”


Delivering what your customers want and need seems like an obvious thing for a company to do. But when there is so much new technology to experiment with and alternate roads to go down, it’s easy to get off track. Jon Luciano, Director of Ecommerce for Lumen, discusses how Lumen stays the course, and how and why telcos and other industries can invest in new opportunities in a way that allows them to succeed.

Key Insights


Why have things changed so rapidly over the past couple of years?

Telcos have been able to make better use of their legacy systems and data in ways that allow them to truly make their operations digital-first. This movement toward digital has made it possible for companies to highlight more niche opportunities and then take advantage of them quicker. 

“Telco companies have gotten better about their legacy systems and legacy data and packaging in a way to makes it easier to surface. I think that’s a huge step in being digital forward or digital-first.”

Why is deep personalization key?

Personalization and data is the way to make a real impact on the lives of consumers. When you take the example of a power company and how it details for you exactly how you use energy and ways you might be able to cut back, this illustrates the power of personalized data that telco companies in particular can learn from. 

About the Guest:

Jon Luciano is the Director of Ecommerce for Lumen. He is a highly motivated leader with demonstrated experience in online acquisition, customer experience, conversion rate optimization, usability,digital marketing, agile methodologies, and full lifecycle web development.

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Episode 206