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Online is today’s go-to shopping method for millions, but what does that mean for businesses, for consumers, and the entire supply chain in between? Join host Stephanie Postles as she sits down with eCommerce leaders on the front lines of digital innovation.

With guests from established enterprise companies to start-ups barely out of infancy to everyone in between - you’ll get the inside scoop on what’s Up Next in Commerce. New episodes come out every Tuesday and Thursday.

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Josh Kroo, the Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing and Digital Strategy at Crayola, discusses the importance of expanding brand awareness and the different channels to focus on to build out new audiences.
Jeremy Cai, the CEO of Italic, discusses how building a new financial relationship with manufacturers has helped create a more meaningful and profitable partnership.
Rachel Stephens, Vice President of Marketing, Digital and Loyalty at Stop & Shop, explains how the grocer is tapping into new data sets and using emerging technologies to level up the customer experience.
Jonathan Zsittnik, Vice President of Commerce Channels at Monotype, discusses the importance of font and licensing when it comes to brand style and building an Ecommerce experience.
Christoph Schell, Chief Commercial Officer at HP, discusses the stickiness of the changes brought about by COVID, and why subscription models and supply chain management are foundational to future success.
Jeremy Parker, co-founder and CEO of, discusses creating a dynamic, custom-built platform and the power of SEO.
Audrey Gauthier, VP of Marketing and Ecommerce for Little Burgundy, discusses unique partnership and omnichannel strategies that help convert more customers in-store and online.
Matthew Merrilees, CEO, North America for Global-e, shares what it takes to equip your ecommerce brand for international expansions.

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