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Online is today’s go-to shopping method for millions, but what does that mean for businesses, for consumers, and the entire supply chain in between? Join host Stephanie Postles as she sits down with eCommerce leaders on the front lines of digital innovation.

With guests from established enterprise companies to start-ups barely out of infancy to everyone in between - you’ll get the inside scoop on what’s Up Next in Commerce. New episodes come out every Tuesday and Thursday.

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Patrick Cuddou, the founder and CEO of Supply, divulges the magic number when it comes to profit margins.
Lori Coulter, co-founder and CEO of Summersalt, explains the strategy behind building demand in the D2C space.
Andrew Youderian, founder of eCommerce Fuel, discusses everything he’s learned after picking the brains of more than 1,000 seven-figure eCommerce business owners.
Gail Kaufman, Vice President of Marketing & eBusiness at Wolseley Canada, discusses how the company shifted its business online and why customer engagement has been the leading influence in the iteration process..
Sarah Paiji Yoo, the co-founder of Blueland, discusses the lessons learned after launching multiple successful companies, why customer retention is a holy grail metric, and how helpful it is to have Shark Tank’s, Kevin O’Leary, on her team.
Adam Rose, the Chief Talent Officer, of eCommerce Placement, discusses his insider knowledge of the trends he’s seeing inside companies expanding their Ecommerce activities and the skills that are helping some of the top talent thrive.
Renee Lopes Halvorsen, the VP of Marketing & Ecommerce at Marine Layer, divulges the metrics behind what makes a good catalog.
Joe Demin, the founder of Yellow Leaf Hammocks, discusses landing a million-dollar deal on Shark Tank, building a business that truly creates a sustainable impact, and the methods of success for selling on Amazon.

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