Mint Mobile’s Approach to Funny Ad Campaigns with Ryan Reynolds, Consumer Psychology, and Customer Acquisition

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Sure, Mint Mobile benefits from having the star power of part-owner Ryan Reynolds in its back pocket, but Kenny Smithnanic, AVP, e-Commerce at Mint Mobile, explains that the brand’s success goes far beyond just that element. Tune in to find out how Mint is acquiring customers, and what role consumer psychology plays in Kenny’s methods and strategies.

Tune in to learn:

  • Ryan Reynolds’ role at Mint Mobile (2:10)
  • How Kenny became interested in the psychology behind marketing (14:45)
  • Helpful resources on human psychology (22:00)
  • What does it look like to be a good manager? (25:10)
  • Why Kenny is paying attention to quizzes (27:25)

About the Guest:

Kenny Smithnanic currently serves as AVP, e-Commerce at Mint Mobile/Ultra Mobile. Previously, Kenny served as Director of Marketing and Business Intelligence for Mobovida and had various other marketing roles.

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Episode 229