How To Get The Most Out of Affiliate Marketing with Tyler Grooms of Sweetwater

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That content creator is the digital version of the cool older kid down the road.”


Brands know that word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to acquire customers, but how do you create the kind of chatter you actually want? What do you need to do to find and use influencers, content creators and affiliate marketing in order to give your customers what they want most? Tyler Grooms, Director of Engagement Marketing at Sweetwater, provides answers on this episode. 

Key Insights


 The power of working with a content creator?

When a brand works with a content creator as part of its affiliate program, that content rings more true with the consumer. The customer follows a content creator for a reason. Brand should allow them to continue to make the content that already connects rather than muddy the waters, which could potentially do damage to the brand and the content creator you partnered with.

“The customer has followed this influencer or a content creator for a reason. There’s something that they see that makes them connected to that individual. The worst thing a marketer could do is go in and try to turn that upside down, or to try to turn the individual into something they aren’t.”

When is a large upfront cost worth the risk?

Sometimes, providing the best customer experience comes with a lot of upfront costs. But when you put that work in, you elevate your brand over others that are not investing as much in creating the best possible experience for their customers. 

“Our number one goal is to just create more musicians. I think our mindset was that the musician customer base is worth the cost.”


About the Guest:

Tyler Grooms is the Director of Engagement Marketing at Sweetwater. Prior to joining Sweetwater, Grooms spent more than 10 years with Rough Country working on marketing.

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