Netflix on Balancing Data with Judgment for Better Insights

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Using data to gain customer insights can be difficult. Using data to gain customer insights from an ever-growing, ever-changing entertainment audience presents a much steeper challenge. In this episode, Elizabeth Stone, VP, Data & Insights at Netflix, explains how her dedicated team reflects the larger Netflix culture, balancing hard data with a mindset of learning and experimentation to make decisions that resonate with viewers.  

Tune in to learn:

  • Elizabeth’s role as head of Netflix’s data and insights team (2:46)
  • How Netflix is leveraging machine learning (11:13)
  • The continued culture of innovation at Netflix (13:44)
  • Using data to inform intuition and choice (18:00)
  • How the data and insights team engages with other stakeholders (22:30)
  • How Elizabeth obtains the resources she needs (25:37)
  • The importance of cross-functional understanding and collaboration (32:13)


About Elizabeth: Elizabeth Stone leads Netflix’s Data & Insights org. Data & Insights is a centralized and globally distributed team that includes: data engineering, metrics development, analytic insights and tooling, research and development of machine learning algorithms, optimization and automation, experimentation and causal inference, and consumer research. The Data & Insights team applies this functional expertise to improve and evolve all parts of Netflix’s business including the member-facing product, streaming delivery, content, studio production, games, ads, business operations, and growth. Elizabeth previously worked in finance, both as a trader and as an economic consultant, before transitioning to the tech industry, where she led teams at Nuna and Lyft. She is a graduate of MIT and Stanford University.

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Episode 72