How to manage consumption creep in a cloud-based world

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When it comes to investing, it’s been said that the biggest risk of all is not taking one. But for many of us, the prospect of figuring out how and where to smartly invest our money is overwhelming if not flat out confusing. TIFIN is a FinTech company focused on democratizing this process by matching investors to potential investments with AI. In this episode Raja Musunuru, the Chief Product Officer of financial tech leader TIFIN, covers a wide range of topics, from the importance of understanding customer needs, to promoting data fluency across an organization. 

Tune in to learn:

  • About TIFIN [00:55]
  • Raja’s unique perspective on technology, data, and products [12:01]
  • The costs of cloud computing [16:04]
  • Cloud governance and oversight [20:02]
  • Views on FinOps [21:22]
  • Optimizing the costs of multi-cloud operations [29:23]
  • Promoting data fluency [36:19]


About Raja Musunuru: A Business leader who believes that Technology is a means to add value to Customers, the Company, its Employees and Shareholders.

Empathetic and Compassionate Leader with the motto – Be More Human than the Day Before. Builds Collaborative and Empowering Cultures.

Passionate in building business savvy technology teams that deliver innovative solutions to drive growth & profits, optimize performance, improve service quality and reduce operating expense.

Develops exceptional relationships with peers, customers and providers with an exemplary ability to partner and develop winning alliances.

Proven change agent with a healthy distaste for maintaining status quo and a relentless focus on continuous improvement.

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Episode 73