#58: Société Générale’s Innovation Data & AI Leader Julien Molez on Creating a Value-Driven Data Framework

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At French bank, Société Générale, providing the best customer experience in the modern digital world means rethinking everything about banking, including its corporate structure. Three years ago, Julien Molez, joined the bank’s leadership team to become the first Innovation Data & AI Leader. On this episode of The Data Chief, Julien addresses changes sweeping the banking industry, including higher customer expectations, tougher regulations, and the ESG revolution. He also reminds us that at the end of the day, fancy AI models and algorithms will only perform as well as the data that goes into them. 

Tune in to learn:

  • Creating a value-driven data framework (06:31)
  • How do you achieve customer personalization while adhering to GDPR? (15:29)
  • How do you truly secure data at all touchpoints? (20:29)
  • How is Société Générale leading in ESG reporting? (23:44)
  • What were Société Générale’s unique challenges in scaling up AI use cases? (28:55)
  • How do you educate business stakeholders about the best data possibilities? (35:56)
  • What is a key data framework technique? (40:00)

About Julien

Julien Molez has more than 20 years of consulting, IT, and data experience in the Financial Services sector. He joined Societe Generale in 2014 where he contributed as an Associate Director to the development of the in-house consulting offer (SG Consulting & Transformation) as a member of the leadership team. 

He became Data & Innovation leader in 2019 within Société Générale Innovation Team that is attached to the CEO to lead the AI & Analytics strategy and support every business line into having an impactful and measurable impact of analytics & AI in their digital transformation. Julien is graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris.Follow Julien Molez  on Linkedin 

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