#56: DoorDash’s VP of Analytics & Data Science, Jessica Lachs on Leveraging Data to Delight Customers Despite a Challenging Supply Chain

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Who’s hungry? Thanks to delivery apps like DoorDash, it’s never been easier for modern consumers to satisfy almost any craving in just a few taps. At the helm of DoorDash’s data organization is VP of Analytics & Data Science, Jessica Lachs. With metrics guiding every decision at the company, a key part of her decision-making comes down to properly quantifying the value of each possible tradeoff. Learn more about her decision-making framework, plus how her career in finance evolved into entrepreneurship and ultimately led her to create the data and analytics organization at DoorDash. 

Tune in to learn:

  • Using data to move levers that balance tradeoffs (09:28)
  • Managing an unpredictable and complicated supply chain (12:26)
  • The confluence of personalization and consumer privacy (15:08)
  • Strategy for data architecting by the DoorDash team (21:00 
  • Cultivating a creative team that also communicates effectively (26:59)
  • Unlikely career journey: Lehman Brothers to entrepreneurship (33:00)
  • Cultivating a positive response to failure (35:51)
  • Lightning Round (40:15)


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