#53: Boehringer Ingelheim’s Dr. Victoria Gamerman on Design Thinking in Healthcare and Creating a Data-Sharing Ecosystem

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“One of the things that I think is really evolving is the consideration of healthcare and the data around it as an ecosystem.


How can data be activated to create better healthcare outcomes? Dr. Victoria Gamerman, the Global Head of Data Governance and Insights at Boehringer Ingelheim, offers that part of the answer is that data is changing to be thought of as part of the broader healthcare “ecosystem.” Listen in for more of Victoria’s takes on how data can improve healthcare.

Key Insights


Patients need the power (13:25) 

Access to data in healthcare has long been fraught with difficulty. In part, this is due to privacy concerns. Victoria contends that patients must have their health information centrally located and then have the ability to provide access to only those who need it. Additionally, she mentions that patients must be assured that the data in this setting will be used solely for their benefit.

Telling data stories:  (23:26)

Victoria describes a connection between “science and data” and “data storytelling.” For her, telling the story of the data is part of developing a strategy. She makes the point that these elements alongside “medicine and clinical research domain expertise” creates better care for patients.

Design thinking in healthcare: (25:30) 

Focusing on the consumer is what design thinking is all about. Victoria sees design thinking as “knowing the needs of our stakeholders.” She draws attention to the importance of empathy to really understand the needs of “stakeholders.”  At the end of the day, empathy and care for others are the guiding light when striving for innovations. 




About Victoria

I am a curious thought and people leader focused on improving healthcare by connecting the dots among patient-centricity, digital health, and real-world evidence to evolve clinical research through innovation and digital transformation.

As Global Head of Data Governance and Insights, I am accountable for shaping the data strategy and data governance for Clinical Development and Operations. Previously, I was the Head of Health Informatics and Analytics where I established the strategic priorities based on needs from Medical and Commercial stakeholders. As a team of data scientists, we executed use cases to generate evidence from external clinical data and real-world health care data in support of drug development.

I have formal training with a PhD and MS in Biostatistics from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and MA/BA in Mathematics from Boston University. I am also trained in Scrum/Agile methodologies (Product Owner and Scrum Master) as well as Design Thinking. I currently teach in the Applied Analytics program as an Adjunct Scholar-Professional Lecturer at Columbia University.

I enjoy connecting with others who support the use of data to generate insights, especially with innovative applications to advance the health of patients!”

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