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Season 04 / Episode 06

You Can’t Go It Alone with Sonali Lamba

You hear it all the time, the heroic story of the ‘solo’ entrepreneur – the single founder who fought the doubters, went up against the odds, and built a business from nothing to billions.

The truth?

A lot of the time, that isn’t the whole picture.

In fact, we’d go so far as to argue that most of the time, there’s an army of supporting friends, family, mentors, colleagues, and customers behind each and every small business story.

“It’s been a personal struggle over the years dealing with all of the complexes that you develop around trying to be a great founder and trying to be a great mother, partner, and friend… And I have unapologetically relied on this village of people around me.”

Sonali Lamba, co-founder of Brideside, knows what it means to be an entrepreneur – the time and emotional commitments required to build a successful business. But she’ll also be the first to admit she can’t do it all… and she definitely can’t do it all alone.

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