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Season 04 / Episode 08

Year One with Gregarious Narain

Year one is the hardest for a startup. From managing cash flow, to building a team, to creating a culture, to designing and iterating your business model… it’s a process most people never have to face and one that a handful go through just once.

But for Gregarious Narain, year one is something he is all too familiar with….

“The way I usually describe myself when people ask me my role is I’m an ideal year one guy. I love that first year when everything is in flux and we’re really trying to coordinate all of these moving forces to try and bottle the wind. And that’s what I love the most about a startup.”

Take a peek at Greg’s LinkedIn profile and you will see him listed as the founder or co-founder of more than ten businesses… That’s ten startups, ten new ideas, ten different teams, and ten year ones.

And if there’s one thing he’s learned, it’s that the experience is different… Every. Single. Time.

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