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Why Sleep Is The #1 Health Hack

Episode 226
Today, we’re kicking off our newest theme week; Sleep Week. Over the next five days, we’ll share the best practices for getting a perfect night’s sleep.

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It’s a beautiful day; the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and Mission Daily is back from its two-week hiatus! We spent the past two weeks getting some awesome content ready for you.

Today we’re kicking off our newest theme week; Sleep Week. Over the next five days, we’ll share the best practices for getting a perfect night’s sleep.

In this episode, Chad and Stephanie lay out all of the reasons why you need more restful nights and how to overcome the haters who try to dissuade and impede your sleep.

Show Notes

[0:35] Why Does Sleep Matter?

  • Sleep is one of the most basic processes humans are capable of. It’s right up there with eating. Now compare how you treat sleep versus how you treat your diet. When you neglect sleep, it can have the same health effects as eating nothing but Doritos for an entire week. You need to approach your health and wellbeing holistically and treat your sleeping habits as an important part of a healthy routine.
  • The biggest impediments to a good night’s sleep are the people you surround yourself with. Do your friends and family members support your decision to practice self-care? Do they try to pressure you to stay up late and go out drinking or get work done? It’s important for your own well-being to tune these people out when they try to disrupt your sleep.

[4:10] Functioning Vs. Thriving

“Functioning is very different than thriving. You can still function on a small amount of sleep, but you don’t know what’s happening in your body because of that lack of sleep.”

  • Okay, now we know what some of you are going to say at this point… “But I can function perfectly well on four hours of sleep!” The key word there is “function.” You don’t want to just function, you want to thrive. And to thrive in life, you need to be fully rested and wake up each morning ready to kick some butt.

[8:00] Know When It’s Time To Let A Relationship Go

“People are hurting out there and you’re not going to get better if you surround yourself with people who are sick.”

  • This may seem like a tangent from a good night’s sleep, but stay with us. Bring up the idea of getting more sleep and turning in a bit earlier to your friends and coworkers. Do they support your decision? Or do they ridicule you? We are willing to bet that if they do the latter, it’s not the first time they’ve tried to dissuade you from healthy behavior.
  • If there’s a pattern of this person (or people) trying to dissuade healthy behavior and encourage unhealthy behavior, it may be time to consider severing ties with them. Real friends will care about your health and wellbeing.

[11:00] Fix Yourself First

“You’re not going to ever convince the people around you; they have to convince themselves.”

  • Before you can help others practice healthy behavior, you need to exemplify that behavior in your own life. Your advice about getting a good night’s rest will fall on deaf ears if you were up until 4 am the night before binge-watching Westworld.

[11:45] Take A Week

  • Take a week to right your sleeping habits. Set seven days aside and say, “Okay. I am going to go to bed at 10 PM and wake up at 7 AM tomorrow. I won’t watch any TV, YouTube, etc. beforehand so I can have a deep and restful sleep.”
  • By the end of that week, you’ll have established a new, healthy sleeping routine.

[14:30] Care About Yourself Now

  • A whole host of mental and physical ailments that happen later in life can be traced back to a lack of sleep when young. It’s important to care about yourself now and start treating sleep as an important part of your daily routine.

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