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Using Data to Provide Better Health Care with Brad Bostic, CEO of hc1

Episode 396

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Making healthcare more accessible and personalized has perhaps never seemed like a more valued endeavor. Today, we sit down with a man putting his knowledge and skills to work to make that vision a reality – Brad Bostic, Founder and CEO of hc1.

hc1, short for “Health Cloud One,” is a tech company focused on personalized medicine and predictive diagnostics. Brad founded hc1 in an effort to turn lab data into personalized healthcare insights that health systems could then use to provide better care for their patients.

In today’s episode, we discuss Brad’s origin story and what kickstarted his entrepreneurial journey. Brad also shares what his team is doing to help slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus, and how he predicts this pandemic will reshape our perception of personalized healthcare across the globe.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Brad compares a value-based model vs. a fee per service model in the healthcare industry.
  • How Brad conceived of “Health Cloud One” in an effort to harness large amounts of data to provide improved outcomes for patients and more accurate diagnostic testing.
  • The Health Cloud One platform houses over 19 billion diagnostic lab results across over 160 million unique patients.
  • How Brad and his team use advanced machine learning to ensure that the healthcare data they acquire remains private and protected.
  • The early days of hc1 with questions around early beta implementation and initial client relationships.
  • Brad’s plan to build a board of healthcare industry leaders and how it led to acquiring the initial sets of data. 
  • What the next 5 years look like for hc1 and for the patients themselves, who are currently faced with more uncertainty than ever before.
  • The power of hc1 and its potential to provide personalization on a scale that wouldn’t be possible without the use of data and machine learning.
  • How hc1 is uniquely positioned to mitigate confusion in the fight against Covid-19.
  • The use of visualization to present the data to major healthcare networks in order to put it to greater use.


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