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Transforming Wholesale Through a Digitized Platform with Kristin Savilia, CEO of JOOR

Episode 394

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Retail wholesaling has been notoriously slow in adopting new technologies. Despite many advancements in other areas of retail, particularly with B2C services, wholesale has continued to rely on Excel spreadsheets and carbon copy notepads.

One platform, JOOR, is looking to transform the wholesale retail space, and JOOR’s CEO, Kristin Savilia, is our guest today!

In this episode, Chad and Kristin discuss JOOR and its mission, Kristin’s background in wholesale, why she disagrees with the ‘retail is dead’ idea, plus much more!

Key Discussion Points:

  • How the coronavirus outbreak has made the wholesale industry realize the importance of digital.
  • More about JOOR, what the platform does, who they work with, and turnover.
  • Kristin’s background and her experience in fashion buying and digital transformation.
  • Lessons Kristin learned from working at the ground-level of retail.
  • Kristin’s take on the future of the retail industry: Be everywhere your customers are.
  • Why building a diverse and inclusive workforce has been Kristin’s proudest accomplishment.
  • Find out why learning what not to do is the hardest part of being CEO for Kristin.
  • How JOOR is fostering meaningful culture through transparency.
  • Two pieces of advice Kristin finds herself giving to executives’ time and again. 
  • Kristin’s time management, work-life balance, and communicating with your partner at home.
  • Learn more about JOOR’s rigorous hiring process and what it entails.
  • The importance of taking challenges as a learning experience to get to another path.
  • Why data with context to inform decision-making is a gap in the retail space.
  • The drum Kristin had been banging: Retail has not focused enough on B2B.
  • Materials that Kristin utilizes to get information and how founders’ groups have helped her.
  • How JOOR approaches continued education for their employees and what the future entails.


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