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The Value of Data with Monzy Merza, VP, Head of Security Research at Splunk

Episode 355
A look into data, cybersecurity, and company culture with Monzy Merza of Splunk.

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“The more that people can get exposed to the data, the more people can tinker with it, the more people can exert their intuition and ideas onto that data, the better society is going to be.” — Monzy Merza 

Monzy Merza, Vice President and Head of Security Research at Splunk, works at the cutting edge of cybersecurity. With over 15 years of experience in the field, he has seen how the evolution of technology directly influences the necessity and intricacies of cybersecurity. Today, Monzy is responsible for working hand in hand with Splunk’s Fortune 500 customers, leading the cyber research team, and speaking at events across the world on nation-state threats and machine learning. How does he do it all? By using insights equipped to him through… data.

On this episode, Chad and Monzy sit down to discuss how Monzy was first a customer of Splunk before joining the company, what makes Splunk’s culture unique and positioned for success, and the importance of psychological safety.

Quotes from Monzy:

[On Splunk employees…] “We always talk about who are we serving, why are we doing something, and who is the human being at the end of this work? It’s not just about bits and bytes of technology, it’s we are doing this for a person or a group of people.”

“Work has value onto itself beyond any label that gets put behind it.”

[On mentoring young people on their career choices] “If you like to swim there really is only one way to do it — start swimming. There is no right or wrong, you just have to get in the water.” 

“The abundance of these instruments (social media, mobile devices, data) make it easier for people to create new opportunities for themselves and probably new economies.”



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