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Season 03 / Episode 01

The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Meggie Palmer

Even as a teenager growing up on a farm in Australia, Meggie Palmer (Twitter, LinkedIn) knew she wanted to speak for those who needed help. She thought her affinity for dialogue would lead to law school, but journalism drew her attention for much the same reason; the chance to constructively highlight people and ideas that are too often overlooked, too often deemed unimportant.

Her life as a journalist taught her how to be an advocate. Meggie founded PepTalkHer to help women in the workplace remember, share, and leverage their own value.

The stories we tell ourselves shape how we view ourselves and value ourselves. It impacts how others value us too. And telling the right story can dramatically and measurably improve the value we create and receive.

“What I have found is that people relate to stories. And people want to share their stories. Often we focus on the negatives. We focus on the deal we didn’t close, the typo, you know, the mistake you made having a tough conversation. But I’ve really shifted into a more positive mindset, which has allowed me to think more clearly, and more abundantly.”

Learn more about Meggie Palmer and PepTalkHer at PepTalkHer.com.

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