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Season 2 / Episode 26

The Secret Formula to High-ROI Digital Transformations with GE Digital CEO Pat Byrne

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Pat Byrne took over the role of CEO at GE Digital in July of 2019. Now, more than a year later, Byrne finds himself in one of the most unprecedented times in the organization’s history — leading a company responsible for the well-being of millions through a digital transformation.

In one trip around the sun, Byrne has orchestrated the process of successfully bringing together four GE businesses while experiencing tremendous growth on all fronts. 

But now a global pandemic has put new pressures on those entities to speed up production of emerging technologies by several fold. Products and services that should take years to develop are being forced out the door just in a matter of months. So how are Pat and his teams keeping up? 

In this episode, Pat joins Chad to answer that question and more. Plus, Pat discusses the levity of bringing those four organizations together, the power they create as one, the principles of partnership, and the need to be a strong leader through trying times.

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