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The Future of Self-Storage with Ari Mir, Co-founder and CEO of Clutter

Episode 376
Ari Mir discusses the future of self-storage, opportunities in business, and his journey as a founder.

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“Imagine if eBay and FedEx had a baby. That’s what we can do for consumers.”

Albert is joined by Ari Mir, Co-founder and CEO of Clutter, a tech-heavy, on-demand storage and moving company. Clutter allows consumers to affordably store their belongings without lifting a finger. Prior to Clutter, Ari founded Gumgum, the world’s largest image ad network in the visual AI space, and PocketChange, a startup backed by Google.

On this episode of Mission Daily, Ari discusses the future of self-storage, how to discover opportunities in business, and shares his journey as a serial founder.

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